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Why Choose Us

Why search for several individual companies when you can use one!


Let RIS design and implement a system that works for you. 

We work with Industry leading companies such Control4, Theben, KNX, Vitrea, to name a few, to bring you the latest control solutions and home automation.


We use Control4 technology to create a network of connected devices, allowing families to enjoy their homes by making entertainment, lighting, heating and security systems easier to use.



With the click of a button you can turn on your TV and then select what form of entertainment takes your fancy, watching a movie or listening to your favourite music, you can control it all from one place, even turn the lights down low or shut the blinds. We install the system, you make the decisions!


Enjoy the ability to control and automate heating devices in your property such as radiators, heated flooring, fireplaces using your smart phone or touch screen tablet. You can set the thermostats remotely when away from home to give you that warm welcome when you return. You can also set individual room temperatures to maximise energy efficiency and even allow the system to regulate the home according to the season and weather conditions.


The software allows you to set up ‘Mockupancy’ programs that automatically switches lights on and off at unpredictable times to give you peace of mind that the property appears to be occupied when you’re away from home. It also gives you the opportunity to view your CCTV cameras remotely and check security. Security alerts can be sent to you automatically if an intruder is detected and sensors can be set up to detect water leaks at the property.


We’ve all heard of Alexa! She’s on hand for all your daily needs. You can link your Control4 system up to your Amazon Alexa account so that selected devices* can be controlled using your voice making life even easier!

*Alexa can detect which devices are able to be controlled using voice recognition.