TV Install & Distribution

We all watch TV in different ways with services such as 'On demand' and the ability to watch programs on multiple devices; tablets, smart phones, as well as TV's.

There's an abundance of services such as Sky HD, Netflix, Virgin, Blu- ray, Apple, Amazon Prime; much of the content comes through the internet and not an aerial or dish. There's also the capacity to achieve equipment/ clutter free room. The list of possibilities goes on……..


What do you want and where?

The important question you need to ask yourself is this, What do you want and where? From this we can ensure the correct cabling structure is in place and intgerated into the build then discuss ideas that complement your overall interior design. 

Smart Home technology harrogate
Smart Homes Harrogate

There are various ways we can achieve your desired outcome, after our initial consultations we will provide you with a plan of how the system will work and what devices it will include.

Audio Visual technologies have become an integral part of our everyday lives and homes. We feel it's essential AV systems are integrated into the build seamlessly without impacting on the style and look of your home. 

'One of the keys to our success is understanding our clients needs, making sure they know what technology is available and how they may benefit from it.'