Why choose a SMART home professional?

SMART Home professionals not only have the right equipment and tools to create a SMART home but also the knowledge and expertise to design the best possible outcome for the client.

Smart Home Technology is about a network of devices (your smartphone, thermostat, door lock, lighting, security, entertainment) that can communicate with each other to require minimal interaction from the user, thus creating a better lifestyle.

As a business we are constantly evolving and growing with emerging technology and the development of new products. For us to truly get the most from what is available for our customers we engage in regular training with manufacturers to learn the products and software inside and out.

At RIS we are proud to be recognised as a Home Technology Professional and a long-standing member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design Installation Association) and certified Control4 dealers who provide some of the best Home Automation systems in the world. The associations we have with a multitude of technology companies gives us access to incredible resources and solutions that we can customize to create Dream Homes for our clients.

We appreciate that a fully automated Home isn’t for everyone, and ultimately we’re driven by what our customers want and need in their homes. By assessing the buildings plans or existing infrastructure we can establish the best way to integrate the technology into the home to achieve what the client wants. Having vast experience working with different properties and requirements we can often suggest advanced solutions that the client isn’t aware of, in order to make life easier and make their home more enjoyable to live in.

Involving a SMART Home professional at the early stages of the process is key to ensuring you get the desired outcome. Working alongside other professionals, such as the mechanical and electrical consultants, architects and interior designers means everyone is kept informed of the preconditions before commencement of the build/ renovation.

The main benefits include:

· Pre-wire the house (First Fix) to hide wiring without having to disturb the walls later down the line.

· Pre-determine where equipment can be housed to keep the house clutter free.

· Advise on how to get the best network coverage throughout the property.

· Allocate locations for outputs such as in-built ceiling and wall speakers and lighting.

· Determine the best energy saving solutions.

Call us today to find out how we can get the most out of your new home: 01423 774377

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