Smart Cities - Are they the future?

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A Smart City may not look different to any other city on the surface, they are an expansion and progression of the smart systems that already exist in today’s homes and businesses to improve the overall running and efficiency.

Sensors are used to collect data across several different platforms to analyse the city’s performance. The results from the data analysis allows city officials to take actions to reduce costs and consumption of resources. This ties in heavily with our need to create a sustainable world and protect our earth from unnecessary pollution.

Smart Cities are already starting to emerge

There are a number of cities in the UK that have pledged their support in creating more efficient and environmentally friendly spaces.

As many of us know, finding a car parking space in the city can be a tedious challenge. Live technology has been introduced in places such as Norwich and to allow commuters to check online which car parks have spaces available and in other areas some multi-story carparks have adopted lighting devices to tell car drivers which spaces are free, and which are occupied.

Across the pond in Los Angeles they have worked over the last 7 years to replace conventional street lighting with LED street lighting to increase visibility and make the roads safer as well as using less energy and creating a more efficient environment.

In China they have implemented a number of projects, including the ‘City Brain’ in Hangzhou where cameras and sensors have been installed on highways and in cars and taxis to track traffic patterns. The data is used to manage signal changes and reduce commuter travelling times as well as being able to detect accidents within seconds and improve ambulance response times.

Be part of the bigger picture

As mentioned earlier, a Smart City is an extension of a Smart Home and uses the same technology to save energy and reduce costs. You can implement technology into your home to help it run more efficiently such as using automated thermostats in every room, so you can program your heating to only heat rooms that are occupied rather than the whole house. Lighting can also be controlled in the same way to ensure lights aren’t left on unnecessarily.

As well as being more efficient, Smart technology can make your home a safer environment. Controlled lighting systems allow you make your home appear occupied when you’re out for the night or on holiday. With advances in CCTV, cameras can alert you immediately to any possible trespassers, be programmed to track intruders, raise the alarm, switch on lights within the home and/or contact the police.

RIS offer free home surveys to assess your needs and offer solutions as to how and where smart technology can be implemented into your property to enhance your style of living and create a Dream Home.

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