Should SMART Home Apps come with an expiry date?

There are so many SMART Apps and products on the market right now, it's hard to keep up!

Products such as these are reliant on the Internet and are often Wi-Fi-based and are frequently updated and upgraded. This results in having to keep up with the market and ensure the Wi-Fi and hardware is capable of running new software released.

Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to bring new products to the Market as well as adding features to existing devices. This can be frustrating for consumers who may find their hardware becoming obsolete, making them unable to participate in new features.

Support for these products is often limited and as some are cloud-based, all functionalities can be lost if product manufacturers decide to remove some systems.

If you are embarking on building a SMART home from scratch, we recommend starting by wiring the house in a way that can support your technology from the off and can be expanded upon and upgraded in the future. This is what we describe as Future Proofing your property, so that when new technology is introduced to the market, or you fancy switching things up, your home infrastructure is designed to support any upgrades.

If you are looking to integrate technology into an existing property, several manufacturers have recognized the need for retrofit systems that can be integrated with minimal disruption to existing homes and buildings and these are much more reliable and provide more functions than ever before..

We work with several SMART home technology companies where we can integrate a system to fully support your choice of SMART home technology ,from SMART lighting to Whole home operating systems, where everything sits on the same network and can be controlled from one place.

Call us today on 01423 774377 to discuss your SMART home needs.

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