Our SHINE Plan

Our SHINE Plan

At RIS, we pride ourselves on integrating the very best in smart technology to maximise your home’s potential. Our SHINE plan covers the wide range of options available to our clients in our quest to bring houses into the 21st century! The plan covers Security, Home Entertainment, Integrated Lighting, Network Distribution and Energy Saving. Take a look at all that we have available for our clients:


We'll assess how secure your home is and provide you with a plan of where there is potential to improve the CCTV cameras and security at the property. We are also able to integrate security alarms and intelligent entry systems for your gate so that you and your loved ones are protected. Our integrated lighting (more on that later) can allow you to set up an ‘Away Mode’ that simulates a lived-in appearance when you are on holiday as to not arouse any suspicion and keep your home safe.

Home Entertainment

Whether listening to music is your passion, hosting dinner parties and entertaining guests, or watching YouTube or your favourite films, we'll make sure you house is geared up for all your entertainment needs. We’ll also ensure that unsightly equipment is kept out of sight so you can entertain without being embarrassed by wayward wiring! When we’re done, you’ll be wondering why you ever needed to go out!

Integrated Lighting

There is much more you can do with lighting than simply turning it on and off. We want to be able to provide bespoke functionality that can be simply operated. From a standard switch to bespoke design options, we can offer a multitude of choices so that you can set the perfect mood for any occasion and have your house illuminated ready for your arrival home.

Network Distribution

With working from home becoming more prevalent, it has never been more important that you have consistent, strong Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home. We will check the Wi-Fi distribution through the property and create a meshed network, so you never lose signal.

Energy Saving

By controlling both lighting and heating, we can help reduce your household bills by 30-50%! With poor quality lighting being associated with headaches and fatigue, our dimmable and flicker-free lights can help your wallet and your health. Having the ability to control the heating in every room allows you to manage and monitor your energy usage efficiently. Maybe not the most exciting of our offerings, but certainly important!

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