How to improve your Home Security

How to improve your Home Security.

As homeowners, we have a right to feel safe and secure in our properties. At RIS, we believe prevention is better than the cure and there are many things you can do to deter criminals from breaking and entering at your property.

Here are some effective ways to ward off Intruders:

1. Check your doors and windows are secured and locked when you leave the house and when you go to bed and keep valuables out of sight. You may want to upgrade your locks to anti-bump and anti-pick locks that are tamper resistant or to keyless entry systems such as keypads or biometric/ fingerprint readers.

2. Use effective lighting both internally and externally. Motion activated lights at the perimeter or gates of your property can deter criminals from entering the grounds and having a second set of security lights at the front and back doors to your property adds an extra layer of security.

3. Automated Internal lighting sequences also create a ‘lived-in’ feel if you are on holiday or away from home. This is also referred to as ‘mockupancy’, giving the impression you are at home and your lights mimic your usual activity.

4. CCTV cameras show potential intruders that the property is under a watchful eye and they could be caught on camera, generally dissuading them from entering the property. Smart cameras are a popular choice as you can keep an eye on your property when away from home using your Smart phone or other portable device.

5. Smart video doorbells are also becoming more fashionable as we rely on more home deliveries for goods, allowing us to monitor and communicate with delivery drivers.

6. You may also want to invest in motion activated cameras and infrared/ night vision cameras to provide high quality night images of your property.

7. Automated gates and garage doors can also provide extra protection, whereby they only open when told to by the property owner either remotely or from home. This could be by using a pin code, keypad or fob or by automatically reading your car number plate and only allowing authorised vehicles to enter the property.

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