How can SMART lighting save you money on your energy bills?

Thinking about integrating SMART lighting into your new build/ property renovation plans? Smart lighting may have once seemed like an added bonus to a property build but it's becoming more and more common to include it in the initial designs. A base level controlled lighting system can be used as a platform to upgrade and add onto in the future with other Smart home systems, such as heating, home entertainment and security.

With the progression in technology, designing and installing a base level lighting system is much more affordable and easier to integrate into homes with the initial wiring structure using up to 30% less copper. Controlled lighting systems can not only transform the look and feel of your home but also help save you money on your energy bills.

How many times have you gone upstairs to find lights have been left on in rooms that are not being used? It's easy done but with a Smart lighting App you'd no longer need to worry about lights being left on, you can use the app to check and where necessary turn them off, even when away from home.

Lighting scenes can be introduced to give each room the atmosphere you desire, whether it be your living/dining area, home cinema or master suite. You can also program lights to come on at the correct dimming/ brightness levels according to your needs or the influence of outdoor weather conditions to reduce energy consumption.

Lights can be programmed to mimic occupancy when you’re away from home or on holiday to give the impression someone is living in the home as normal.

A Smart lighting system is estimated to save you between 10-20% on your energy bills, and incorporating this with a Smart heating system you could save up to 50%.

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