Fever Screening Technology

As people prepare to return to work, technology is playing a major part in helping businesses to ensure a safe working environment for employees and customers in various industries across the world.

Fever Screening Technology including thermal imaging CCTV cameras and hand-held devices automatically detect elevated body temperatures, alerting operators and building managers.

We have recently installed Fever Detection cameras for one of our long standing customers, where it was imperative to ensure nobody entered the building if they were potentially ill or infectious. Due to the nature of their business, as a key supplier and manufacturer of essential produce they have remained open during the pandemic and have had to adapt to meet government health and safety guidelines. The thermal imaging cameras have provided an efficient and effective solution providing fast and accurate data as employees enter the building.

As seen on 'The One Show' on BBC, Thermal imaging is becoming vitally important in the re-opening of many businesses, including offices, factories, airports and construction sites. https://studio.youtube.com/video/N77w2PTB8qk

If your business could benefit from Fever screening technology or indeed contactless entry systems, please call us today on 01423 774377 for more information.

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