Create a TV experience to be envious of!

Have you ever dreamed of having a TV you can watch anywhere in the room? This TV is installed in the ceiling and drops down on demand using a remote control which you can then use to rotate the TV 360 degrees. This is a truly unique TV experience! It can be viewed when in bed, sat on the sofa or whilst doing a workout at the other side of the room, then is conveniently concealed away seamlessly into the ceiling when not in use. This allows the room to be kept elegant and clutter free.

Are you looking to create a Home Cinema / Entertainment room?

A few things to bear in mind; do you want a dedicated room or is it going to be a general family room?

Are you wanting a TV or a projector?

TV’s have become extensively better in sound and picture quality and now with 75”+ TV’s and excellent surround sound systems available for realistic prices, you can achieve a truly enjoyable TV/cinema experience.

Personally, I would only recommend a projector if it's going to be a dedicated Home Cinema room and you can create a true cinema feel. Projectors, although generally larger than TV screens are generally slow to fire up. You also need to have a solution for the screen, fixed to the wall or drop down from the ceiling, which is going to push the budget up. It’s a personal choice but whichever way you decide we’re happy to discuss your ideas and find the best solution.

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