5 Reasons to build a SMART Home!

1. Unlock the Potential! You’re only going to build this home once, yes things can be changed down the line, but why not get it right first time? We have seen how SMART technology will play a major part in home design going forward, with changes in our living and working habits, having the right technology can strongly impact how much we enjoy living in the home. To ensure you get the best design it’s important for us to look at the building plans at the design stage.

2. Lighting. Lighting is traditionally wired on a ‘rigid system’ once cabled you can’t change it! Each light switch is fixed to one circuit, with options to switch the light on/off or manual dim. Imagine having the ability to control ANY light in the entire home from ANY switch point. Also, from one push of a button you can control several lights at once, and at pre-set dimming levels, we call this a mood / lighting scene. Lighting scenes can be created by grouping lights together to create the desired ambience for different rooms and living spaces throughout the home.

3. Saving Energy. If you live in a large property, it’s unlikely you will be using every room in the house at the same time, so why not save energy by integrating SMART heating controls to allow you to easily set your desired temperature for each room. You can also set the heating to come on when you’re travelling home from work or holiday. Controlling both the temperature and lighting in your home not only means conserving energy which typically results in a reduction in household bills of between 30-50%, it also creates a comfortable home to live in throughout the year.

4. Home Entertainment. It may be something you’ve not considered when designing your new home but imagine when you’re living in it; where will you want the TV’s to be, do you want to be able to listen to music seamlessly around the home? The key thing is to keep your home clutter free, all audio and visual equipment can be kept out of sight, with a designated room to house it. TV’s and speakers can be integrated into the walls and ceilings so unsightly cables are hidden from view.

5. Future Proof your Home. We understand everyone has a budget when creating their dream home. Don’t limit yourself to what you can afford right now, we can create an infrastructure to allow you to add onto and expand in the future. With a Whole Home Smart operating system, you can integrate everything from Security and CCTV cameras, Home entertainment systems, lighting and heating onto one robust network which can be controlled from one device.

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