Smart Phones- Here to stay?

Smart phones or shall I say smart devices, that just so happen to have a phone built in, will be here to stay for a very long time.

The reason for the fall in sales is that practically everyone has one and they do not want to 'upgrade' because of the extortionate prices that the Service providers / manufacturers are asking! I had my first 'smart phone' back in 2002, the O2 XDA working on windows mobile. Wow how far have we come from that, all I wanted was a shared device that also had my dairy and music on! so I have been in this space a long time. I smile every time I find a new cool App, software program, control command such as Lighting, Music, TV, door/gates or even just when I receive a message or photo from family and friends, I think what a wonderful time we live in. We live in the era of integration, the next step of all this endless technology. Clever people that make all this stuff work more effectively and efficiently, helping us, hopefully, live better and fulfilling lives. Our business is in the Smart connected home, Security and Smart IT Solutions and the mobile device will continue to play a fundamental role.

Read the story 'The Big Hang Up' from The Wall Street Journal here

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