Your Christmas guide to the best technology in 2017

Starting to get last minute nerves with Christmas being so close? Don’t panic, Robinsons Integrated Solutions have got you covered, with a list of the best gadgets that 2017 has to offer.

1) For a lavish gift that will be enjoyed by the whole household, you may be interested in the Denon Heos range with features including Bluetooth connectivity. The Heos Bar is the perfect home installment to assist with cosy winter nights in front of the fire with a good film on, or summer barbecues where your tunes get turned up. With sound performance that has blazing reviews, this is a product that promises lots of functional use without having to look at something ugly thanks to its stylish, minimal and sleek design.*

2) For those with a smaller budget at the most expensive time of year, the Amazon Echo Dot adds the charming Alexa to any room, along with all that she has to offer. Hands-free and voice controlled, the Echo Dot is here to assist you by playing music, connecting smart devices and sourcing information without the touch of a button.*

3) Bluetooth headphones have become all the rage in 2017, and here at Robinsons, we’re vouching for the Brainwavs BLU-100 Sport Bluetooth 4.0 APTX Earphones that come for a fraction of the price in comparison to their retail counterparts. With surprisingly good sound quality, that challenges the more expensive brands, we think that these are a must-buy for everyday use.

4) If you can’t get enough of technology and the advancements that make life so much easier, you’ll be interested in the Home WiFi sockets . A 21st century time clock that links directly to your plug sockets, this device prevents energy wastage and allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world. Whether it be a coffee machine, a TV, radio or just your bedside alarm clock, this device connects to all.*

5) In line with our recent Facebook competition, the new Sonos One is definitely on the list. Known as the ‘smart speaker for music lovers’, Amazon have teamed up with Sonos to provide homes with a music system that lets you stay in your seat (or carry on dancing!) as you regulate the music via your own voice. Extra features include news, traffic and weather checks, plus the option to integrate the speaker with your Smartphone applications to make your life all the more easier. A fantastic piece of kit either on its own, or bought with others to transform a house into a Smart haven.*

*All of these items are available to be bought and integrated by Robinsons Integrated Solutions. To get a quote, and discuss how you want to revamp your home, ring (01423) 774377 or go to our Contact Us page on our website and someone will be in touch shortly.

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