Have you received a FREE draft  SHINE plan?

Our SHINE plans cover the key areas you need to consider when designing your new home or undertaking a major renovation. We want to help you identify the most important attributes that will make your home the most enjoyable environment to live in. It's important we establish these during the planning stage to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place to achieve the home you dream of. To help determine your thoughts and aspirations we have created our SHINE plan, which represents 5 key areas, Security, Home Entertainment, Integrated Lighting Control, Network (Internet and Wi-Fi) and Energy Saving. 

Through vital experience and feedback from our clients, we have learnt that we, as homeowners, generally have an idea of how we want our homes to look during the planning stage but haven't fully considered how we want it to feel and function when it comes to actually living in it. This is where this questionnaire helps to explore your thoughts and evaluate your priorities in more detail.

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Security - What type and level of security do you want? Do you want to be able to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world?  


Home Entertainment - Where would you like your TV's, audio, entertainment devices around the home? Whether you are looking for a multi-purpose room for entertaining or a home cinema room, we can design and install a bespoke solution for your needs.


Integrated Lighting Design - Benefit from a professional Lighting Design that carefully considers light placement, enhancement of architectural and/or interior features, convenience of control, mood lighting, light quality and energy saving.


Network (Internet and Wi-Fi) - Reliable Internet and seamless Wi-Fi throughout the home. Being able to work from home as efficiently as possible. Enjoying streaming and downloading content to watch /listen to without connection issues.


Energy Saving - Would you like your home to be energy efficient and be able to control the temperature and lighting in individual rooms from one place?

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