Whether selling off plan or at a later stage in the development we have solutions to create a bespoke lighting system for every homeowner.  

Buying off Plan - If a customer decides to buy off plan we can design the lighting control to suit the clients needs and introduce other SMART Home services to create a truly unique home.

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Property Developer


SMART ways to sell more Properties

We want to work with you to create the next generation of new Homes. The technology is here now to be able to offer Homeowners more SMART technology in their homes with no fuss and no hassle to the developer.

Buying on PlanEach property can be wired to the usual specifications. We can simply switch out standard light switches to VITREA controls which communicate with each other (using their own in-built Wi-Fi network) to allow the homeowner to control all of their lights from one switch point. We also have the opportunity to group lights together to create lighting scenes within the hometo create the right ambience and use the correct dimming levels to reduce energy consumption.

  1. Heating Control -  Control, Measure & Monitor energy usage.

  2. Home Entertainment  -  Create a hub within the home to house entertainment equipment including Media boxes. Keeping rooms clutter free.

  3. Internet distribution  -  Fast internet to where the client 
    needs it.

  4. CCTV & Security  -  Giving extra peace of mind.

  5. Whole Home Smart Operating System  - Everything 
    connected on one network – simple & easy to operate.

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VITREA switches also contain thermostats which placed strategically aorund the property can provide maximum comfort in the home. The system is also compatible with other technology systems such as KNX and Control4, giving the homeowner the ability to introduce and connect more SMART services, such as Home Entertainment devices, Security, CCTV and create a fully automated home if desired

Controlled lighting can be used as a platform to up-sell from, to include the following services:

Working with you to build 21st Century Homes! 


By giving the customer a choice of options, the house can become as unique as the customer themselves! 

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