Pool Lighting Design

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Do you desire a professional Pool Lighting Design that carefully considers light placement, enhancement of architectural and/or interior features, convenience of control, minimal surface glare, light quality and energy saving?

Get Creative with Lighting Design

Transform your pool with creative lighting design!

Indoor pool lighting requires careful consideration, to provide sufficient brightness and minimise glare from the surface.

There's a multitude of lighting options available, including colour changing and colour tuning LED's. LED luminaires have evolved significantly over the last few years. They are more resistant, project much less heat, use less energy and have a longer lifespan than their traditional counterparts. Their durability is a key factor in the low maintenance of indoor pool lighting systems.

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SMART Lighting

Layering Lights and creating Lighting Scenes

Discover a new way of controlling your lights and create lighting scenes at the touch of a button! Define areas of your home with different lighting zones, which allow you to create a desired mood for different occasions and different times of day.

Stylish switches and Keypads

You don't have to compromise on STYLE for functionality, with our expansive range of switch and keypad/ touchpad options, you're truly spoilt for choice!

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