Moving into a new Home?

We provide a technology map of your home, providing you different options you can achieve, this could be something as simple as locating TV points in your home to broadband speeds.

What broadband speeds are available?

Whats the WiFi coverage like throughout the home?

Where all the TV points are?

What Intruder and CCTV is there?

Any Audio areas?

What is required to make the home work how you would like?

These are just a few questions you need to know the answers to.

The way we watch TV, listen to music and use the internet has fundamentally changed over the last few years.


Robinsons now offer a Moving home service which is designed to help you through this process and understand the home you are about to move into.

Please give our team a call to schedule an appointmentwe will provide you with the following:

- Technology Map of your Home to include (phone points, TV points, Internet providers & speed)

- Consultation service with an engineer

- We can then provide you with a revised plan showing you what is required to personalise your home around you.