Media Walls

Are you looking for a bespoke media wall to create the perfect place to entertain?

With our media walls allow you to create a cinematic experience in any room of your home. We want to provide top notch audio to match the visual quality of modern televisions.

With our tailored design service we are able to build a media wall that can house audio, video, gaming and any other media equipment you may have! Our media walls are designed to accommodate any size TV and provide a clutter free entertainment space. They are fully cabled and programmed to your requirements.

Our media walls look best when they work with the décor of the home. We can customize the design to suit your needs and give you a fantastic end product that you will love!

Media wall mock up 2.png
modern room- media wall Teal.png
Media Wall- TV.jpg
Media Wall- TV.jpg
LED lighting effects.png