KNX SMART Home cabling

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Building a NEW home or
undertaking a major renovation?

We've teamed up with Theben, providers of LUXORLiving using KNX cabling to create the SMART Home of your dreams!

This revolutionary way of wiring means we use only one cable to every light switch point making it simpler, cleaner, efficient and because it uses 30% less copper it is extremely cost effective.


This will enable you to control ALL your lights from any point and enables you to program energy saving settings. Also this is a perfect starting point to scale up as little or as much as you want. All your SMART devices such as TV's, Audio equipment, security systems, heating and lighting can be connected to the system, controlling everything in your home from your SMART phone, tablet or touch pad.


Putting YOU in control.

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Traditional wiring v's KNX

There's so many benefits to KNX cabling, we can't find a reason not to choose it when wiring your new home! The photo shows KNX cabling in green v's traditional electrical wiring in grey. You can see how simplified this method is and yet it allows you to do so much more with your home.