Internet Solutions


Hard-wired Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity


The heart of any modern home is a robust IT Network, in fact I would go as far as to say it is one of the most important things to get right and the most common area that people forget about!

The number of connected devices within the home is greatly increasing meaning hard-wiring the internet to TV's and essential home devices is more reliable, faster, and more secure and also eases the pressure on the Wi-Fi network.

There is no point getting super-fast Internet speeds and then leaving it at the door!



Wifi solutions

Where's my WiFi connection gone??

Our miniature Wi-Fi access points can be flush to the ceiling or can be hidden within the ceiling. We configure these with your broadband details to give you trouble free connections throughout your home.

We can also provide Wi-Fi outside using wireless access points to ensure you're always connected to the internet when you're at home.

As your Smart Home Installer we design a meshed WiFi network with quality Access Points strategically placed around the home to allow you the freedom to move around without losing signal strength.

We will provide you with a illustrative drawings to show our proposed hardwired and Wi-Fi points to provide a reliable network and maximise internet speeds throughout your home.