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Create the BEST cinema experience at HOME!

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Enjoy your favourite films with a BESPOKE home cinema experience!


A home cinema experience doesn't need to break the bank, even by installing great LIGHTING, supreme SOUND systems and a WIDE SCREEN HDTV in your lounge or day room can transform your TV experience! By choosing your desired quantity of speakers and sub mix, you will have an amazing all round picture and sound experience.

Whatever your requirements, we can design and install a home cinema room to fulfill your needs and suit your style. 


Get in touch now and let us create an Incredible Audio and Visual Experience in your home!

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Media Walls

Media walls are a great alternative to Home cinema rooms as they can be integrated into your main living area and provide a fantastic entertainment space. The media wall houses all the wiring and equipment such as speakers behind acoustic fabric or wooden paneling which adds another dimension to your room. Choose from a wide range of coloured and textured fabrics or wooden paneling to create a bespoke feature in your living area.

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Transform your room!

There is a multitude of outstanding sound systems and speaker options available to give you the ultimate experience!

The beauty of a media wall and LED lighting is that it gives you the opportunity to transform your room
from a relaxing daytime space to a superb entertainment zone.

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