Home Cinema design and Installation

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Custom Home Cinema design and installation that will exceed your expectations! We have a team of professional installers with the knowledge to maximise your system’s performance and provide a superior finish to your big screen projector set-up.

Bespoke Design and Installation

Custom built home cinemas for the full cinematic experience! To create the perfect viewing and sound experience we will advise on the best projector and screen for your space, to produce pin-sharp images integrated with a supreme sound system.

We believe that home cinemas should be an all-encompassing design, incorporating state of the art equipment, precise speaker location, atmospheric lighting
to help create the depth, detail and clarity needed to create
a home cinema experience to rival any cinema!

Start your journey and arrange a free home visit let us design a purpose-built dedicated luxury home cinema room!

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Luxury Lighting

Lighting is a key part of your home cinema design, ensuring you create the best atmosphere for your viewing experience. 

A starlight ceiling can transform your cinema room and add the WOW factor! 

Have fun with colour changing LED lights to theme the room to your chosen film.

Getting the best picture!

Choose a projector with true 4K resolution that reveals the finest details, rich blacks and vibrant colours.

Pair your projector with a superlative screen to get the best possible picture. There’s plenty of choice out there, with simple wall-mounted screens to motorized drop-down models that magically disappear at the touch of a button.

Drop down screens are useful for transforming a TV room into a home cinema experience and adds a touch of drama to the occasion.

If you don't have the space for a dedicated cinema room see our MEDIA WALL section below for a fantastic way to create an entertainment space your friends will be envious of.

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Projector Options

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Supreme Sound

Get the best sound that will blow your socks
off! With over
15 years Audio Visual experience we
guarantee the best sound experience.

We recommend a 5.1-channel surround audio set up. This has become the benchmark for home theatre sound, offering a far more immersive sound experience than a regular two-channel stereo. 

You can achieve a more balanced sound by minimizing bare walls and floors. Where possible we use acoustic fabric panels to
reduce echo.

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Media Walls 

We understand that a dedicated home cinema room may not be suitable for everyone, so a Media Wall could be the perfect solution! Our designers can seamlessly integrate your dream system into your space, whether that’s a family living area, games room, or outdoor area.

With our media walls allow you to create a cinematic experience in any room of your home. We want to provide top notch audio to match the visual quality of modern televisions.

With our tailored design service we are able to build a media wall that can house audio, video, gaming and any other media equipment you may have! Our media walls are designed to accommodate any size TV and provide a clutter free entertainment space. They are fully cabled and programmed to your requirements.

Our media walls look best when they work with the décor of the home. We can customize the design to suit your needs and give you a fantastic end product that you will love!

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Fabric Media Walls

With our acoustically transparent fabric media walls, you're truly spoilt for choice with a vast range of colours and textures to choose from.

All the cabling, equipment and speakers can be hidden behind the fabric panels, creating a unique, clutter free entertainment space.

Acoustically transparent fabric allows the sound to travel through the sections needed but also reduces echo and creates a cosier atmosphere.


Commercial Solutions

Home cinemas are proving popular with not only home builds and renovations but also have growing demand in care homes and retirement complexes becoming a form of desired entertainment.