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Home Automation


Don't underestimate the POWER of being able to control everything from one place!

Home Automation not only helps elimate tedious tasks, but can also help make your property more secure, by silmulating a 'lived in' feel when you're away from home. 

Having the ability to control all of your devices from one place, creates an efficient way to make your home function the way you want it to. 

Home Automation takes away stress and hassle of tedious and time consuming tasks.


Everything can be
controlled from
One Place!

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With one of our partner companies, such as Control4, theben and Vitrea we can create a system where all your devices are connected. We can create actions from triggers for your home, such as blinds, doors, lighting, heating control and entertainment devices (TVs / music) By programming the system to recognise 'triggers' and produce an 'Action' this creates an Automated Home.


What would you like the 'Action' to be? Here some examples of home automation:

  • Blinds / curtains that are programmed to open and close at set times or activated with a grouped command such as 'Lets watch a movie' and several things happen, the TV, Sky box and surround sound system turns on, the lights dim, the curtains close, the favourite streaming service is selected.


  • Lights that come on when entering a room. 

  • Lighting control where rooms are lit combining several circuits at various dimming levels, including lamps.

  • Automatic lighting sequences programmed in 'Away mode' to give that lived in feel when the home is unoccupied.

  • Controlling the Heating in a much more efficient manner, easily managing different areas of the home.

  • Garage doors opening by recognising the car number plate.

  • Lights been activated by some other action such as your car arriving automatically turns on the welcome lighting scene.

  • When an intruder is detected outside we now turn on lights within the building (upstairs) telling the intruder they have been detected.