What is Home Automation?

Automation is about helping you to do those tedious tasks more easily, efficiently and conveniently. As to how it works depends on what it is you are automating? Gates, garage doors, velux windows, curtains; generally anything that has a motor on it.


The key is to integrate them so you have one controller that does all. You can have things that activate themselves such as rain sensors to close windows, gates/doors to recognise you arriving either by vehicle number or geo-tracking via your mobile.


If you have controlled lighting you can automate the lighting circuits to work in harmony with each other to instantly create a scene.

Home Automation

What Broadband Speed do I need?

The minimum is around 15 MB upwards. You should be able to view on demand TV and stream music; of course this depends on how many people in the house are trying to do this at the same time.

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Is there a difference between Smart Home and Home Automation?

It’s about the level of automation within the home,

A Smart Home can be 'Smart' without having anything physically automated,


Every home should be 'Smart' to a degree, by this I mean to have a professional structured IT network around the home to manage all the internet activity. Much of our viewing and listening content is now (and will increasingly be) through the internet. It's imperative that you do not leave all that high speed internet connection at the front door! You need to get it around the house to the devices that require it.

We are all bombarded by Apps now, there is an App for everything! It’s becoming very cluttered and confusing. Here comes integration again, one App that brings device control together, making life easier!


What is included in a SMART Home?

As a SMART home technology integrator, we look to design a system that brings everything together on one system and makes your home much more efficient and easier to control.

5 key areas we look to integrate are:

  • Security

  • Home Entertainment

  • Integrated Lighting Control

  • Network Distribution (Wi-Fi and Internet)

  • Energy Saving


Why do I need a SMART home?

There's several reasons why we believe every home should be SMART.

We all need to look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our design process we look at ways to make the home more efficient, by giving you more control of your energy usage, with integrated lighting and heating control.

Smart lighting not only helps to reduce energy bills but also allow you to group lights together to create a mood and ambience.

We've all moved into a home where the TV points aren't in the right place and we have wires running across the wall, or the internet only works near the router and doesn't penetrate to the far areas of the house. Robinsons Integrated Solutions ensure the correct cabling and hard-wiring is in place from the start to eradicate these issues.


What happens if technology evolves, will I need to upgrade all my equipment? 

Technology is constantly evolving, that’s how we got to where we are now. There are certain things that you can do to future-proof your home for a long time by using the right cable structure within the home. When new equipment comes out you have to ask yourself, is the replacement going to give me something new, something that will be of benefit to me?


Quite often if you are honest with yourself the answer is no, everything works great and does what it needs to do. You are starting to see this with smart mobile phones, where sales are actually falling! Is the smart phone market dying? Absolutely not! People are just realising that the prices manufacturers are asking for the latest devices / contracts is not worth paying, the phone you have does everything you need it to do.

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How secure is Smart Technology, Will it make my home prone to being hacked?

No it shouldn't do as long as you follow good practice. Unique passwords etc. Most peoples systems are hacked via emails so this is the area where you need to be diligent and not let yourself be compromised.


When buying what we call DIY technology such as WiFi plugs, CCTV cameras, doorbells, light bulbs, heating thermostats etc you have to be careful,
much of this is cloud based and if you do not follow password guidelines you could find yourself vulnerable.

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Will Smart Home technology be difficult for me to understand / operate?

Designed and done properly absolutely not. It’s the opposite it should make things easier.


Automation is about helping you to do those tedious tasks more easily, efficiently and conveniently. 

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How much will it cost?

The Golden question!!

It depends on what you are trying to achieve? We provide FREE draft SHINE planes which show our proposals for what can be achieved on different budgets and then you decide from there.