DIY vs Professional

DIY versus Professional Smart Home integration.


You may ask why use a professional Smart Home installer, when there are so many DIY products and devices on the market?


Many of our clients come to Robinsons Integrated Solutions because they’ve bought a device expecting it to transform their home or lifestyle, but in reality it’s not quite that simple. We know there are many exciting new products out there and we fully admire the emerging world of technology, however if you’re wanting a fully functionally and connected system that works in harmony without the need for several apps, Integration is key and that’s where we come in!


It’s all about making everything work within a robust cabled and WiFi network structure, maximising internet speeds. We also look at clearing away all those unsightly ‘plug-in’ devices, by integrating speakers and lighting control that will enhance the look and feel of your home. We also install security systems such as CCTV and access control as part of your SMART home system to ensure your property is fully protected.


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We use technologies such as Control4  and KNX that bring everything together so that you don’t need a remote for each device, everything is controlled from one App or keypad making life so much easier!


We look at your needs and design a system that will work for you, working to your budget. Smart Home Installation may be more expensive than individual DIY devices but we ensure every penny is well spent and that you’re left with a truly enjoyable home that you can take full advantage of!


Smart Home design plans
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Our #1 aim is make our customers happy. We spend approximately 70% of our lives at home so why not make it the happiest place for you to enjoy.

Our SHINE plans guarantee to maximize the potential of your home, make it more secure, entertaining, energy efficient and enriching.

You'll get the expertise and advice you need to make your home work exactly how you want it to!