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  Design Service

We take great pride in our installations. A well designed system will maximise the potential of the technology available and produce far superior results.

If appointing an Architect for a newbuild or renovation, we work closely with the design team from the very start of the project to ensure we include a designated space/ room to
house all of the equipment out of view, to keep the interior clutter free.


Our aim is to integrate the technology into the build seamlessly, creating a space that's truly enjoyable and a lifestyle to be envious of.

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We discuss every aspect of the installation with you from placement and purpose of CCTV cameras, intruder alert systems, automated technology and smart gadgets which all synthesize to create a unique home made to work for you. Here are some of the things we'll assess during the design process...

  • What broadband speeds are available?

  • What's the WiFi coverage like throughout the home?

  • Where all the TV points are?

  • What Intruder and CCTV systems are there?

  • Any Audio areas?

  • What is required to make the home work how you would like?

We will provide you with a drawings of where the proposed cables, wiring, equipment and CCTV cameras are to be placed.  Before work begins we will assess and clarify the plans to ensure that everything suits your requirements and intended lifestyle.