CCTV - What system to use?

Internet Protocol (IP) 
High Definition (HD) Camera System

Today's CCTV is based around your IT network, just like a computer. The cable used is Category 5 cable (CAT5) which is the standard cable used for IT networks and runs both power and the image. The image quality on the new cameras is far superior to anything we have seen before, they can pick up number plates and facial expressions from a distance. 

We would always use and IP HD based system for a new install.

Analog High Definition (AHD) Camera System

This is run over coax (ariel cable) and transmits the picture from the camera to the recorder. The picture quality is up to 1080p resolution which is HD. It can be viewed through your phone and computer. We would only install these cameras onto an existing system.

Both systems are viewable from PC's and mobile devices.